Remebering Paradise

Curatorial & Co. 2018

Remembering Paradise

Remembering Paradise is an ode to our precious earth; using places that have personal connection as my muse; Mimosa Rocks National Park. Painting the landscape as an romantic ideal; redolent of a time and place when man had little impact on the earth and its atmosphere, a filtered view through trees toward paradise.  I am to use this idyllic view of an un-spoilt earth to juxtapose against our current day; the perfect symbol of our earth as a fragile beauty on the verge of a dystopian relic; highlighting the threat of climate change on our fragile and precious environment in the age of Anthropocene.   

I continue to explore my love for landscape from the edge of our land; always incorporating the ocean as part of my landscape view; our oceans now heavily polluted with our post consumer plastic waste need time for focus, action and mindful consideration to the link between the depth of time and our impact on earth.

I find context in the sacred, solitude, mystery and beauty of nature to draw an awareness to of time, the shadows of life and the light of life; a time to reflect and remember our paradise.

Spending countless days immersing myself in these sacred landscapes, observing the changes in the ocean moods, the light on the mountains in distant view, the ever crumbling cliffs, the shimmer of the light as it plays on the sediment layers of the ever crumbling cliffs and evidence of life millions of years old preserved in their fragile layers; discovering new perspectives, feeling the hum of nature as it continues to strive; time for experiential reflection, and connection.

Considering the landscape from two perspectives helps break down the works into a metaphor for time and life’s fleeting and selfish realities that compound and impact our earth. I am drawn to landscapes that offer a sense of solitude, majesty, mystery, places that feel removed from the chaos of our current day; they offer a sacred experience; of which as humans crave for a sense of belonging and relief.  Australia’s vast stretch of coast line; provide the perfect symbol to highlight the state of our earth climate change, anthropocene, humanity.

‘Time, has sped up, our impact has greatened, our lives are in control, we are so overly connected; yet completely out of control and disconnected.’

Observing the changes in the ocean moods, the ever shifting shadows and light on the cliffs, rocks, reef, granite boulders; the distant hills, the shimmer of light as it plays on the land and the crystal ocean; gives pause; remembering paradise.